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Where can a Canadian get the TV broadcasts of the 2021 season of IndyCar racing?

Oakville, ON, Apr 2/21 (GRW): The first race of the IndyCar season is planned for April 18 at Barber Motorsport Park and IndyCar fans in Canada will be making plans to watch the 2021 season’s races.

NOTE: A schedule with of all major series’ (including IndyCar) race dates is available at prnmag.com/calendar.

So far, I only know for certain the plans for broadcasts of the IndyCar series to US residents. Some races will be on the NBC network channel which most Canadians can get as part of their cable or satellite service provider (TSP). However, many of the races will be broadcast in the US on NBS-Sports Network which is NOT available in Canada on any TSP.

However, I expect that Rogers SportsNet will be carrying every race’s broadcast on at least one of their channels (plus streaming on SN NOW+). For sure, the SN World channel is only available at a substantial extra cost subscription cost (monthly or annual) beyond the regular subscription to your TSP. If you go for the streaming option, SN NOW+ also incurs a substantial subscription cost. And, If you are a dyed-in-the-wool racing fan, you may not be interested in any of the other programming which these extra-cost channels provide. On SN World, for example, almost all of the addition programming consists of broadcasts of soccer matches from the UK and other parts of Europe. This may be worth the premium cost is you want to watch a lot of old country soccer, but it is expensive if you only watch the IndyCar races in their schedule. SN NOW+ carries a broader selection of sports broadcasts of more interest to most Canadian sports fans.

At this time I have no definitive word about SportsNet’s broadcast plans. I have a seen a blurb which says that ALL IndyCar races will be available on SN NOW+ (via streaming).

I have found a non-official listing of what purports to be SportsNet’s plans for the IndyCar season. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this list but I’m guessing that this may be an accurate picture of SN’s plans for 2021.

Given the above, I have attached a PDF which lists my best guess for all the races and the broadcast sources of each which are available in Canada.

• Click HERE for my best guess listing of IndyCar broadcast plans for Canada in 2021.

I you study this best guess list, it may give you some idea of the plans you might want to make about TV viewing of the IndyCar races in 2021.


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