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A message from George Webster, Editor of PRN Motorsport Magazine:

I am pleased to announce that Tim Rutledge, Performance Publications’ Media Group publisher has appointed me as editor of the relaunched PRN Motorsport Magazine website which is part of the PPMG network.

We have high hopes for this new effort which is aimed at providing news, comment and other information for race fans like me – especially those who live in Canada.

PRN or Performance Racing News started back in the late 1980s. I joined the organization in 1988 soon after the Breslin brothers (of ‘Buy and Sell’ fame) took over publication of the magazine and gave it a much broader scope – encompassing a wide range of motorsports interests. Under the previous publisher, the paper had been mainly about local short tracks in Southern Ontario. I have had a relationship with this publication ever since.

Recently, a decision was made to rebrand the magazine as Ignition Luxury and Performance Magazine, which was more focussed on street cars although it retained a motorsports component. With the relaunch of PRN Motorsport Magazine, we believe that this will be a better platform to reach race fans and to serve their special interests.

Last year, I started writing a series of ‘Race Weekend Reviews’ which were published on the Ignition website. I have been compiling ‘Race Fan TV’ listings since the late 1990s. These listings have been published online on a variety of locations, starting with the CompuServe Motorsports Forum. Most recently the listings have been available on the Ignition website. These two components will be the main offering on the PRN website initially.

In addition to those components, I hope we will be able to offer other material of interest to race fans like me. This might include such things as: Race Weekend Previews, Commentary and Opinion, Features, Race Schedules, Track Day info, Vintage Racing, Auto Concours, and Photo Galleries.

The new PRN Motorsport Magazine is a work in progress and I hope that you will find our initial offerings of interest and that we will be able to expand the site’s scope as time goes on.

George Webster, Editor, PRN MotorSport Magazine
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