Plus/Minus: 2013 Camaro SS Convertible

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 Plus/Minus: 2013 Camaro SS Convertible

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Vehicle: 2013 Camaro SS Convertible
Price: $50,420 as tested

+ Muscular powertrain
+ Heads-up display
+ Exterior design

- Thirsty engine
- Shift knob
- Huge doors

The Chevrolet Camaro is one hot car!

I see them absolutely everywhere I go and have come across countless examples that are, shall we say, tuned to the teeth at car shows, on the Web and in mags. Heck, our sister publication has featured several from all over North America and; it's a fact they transcend generations with enthusiasts of all ages seemingly unable to stop staring whenever one drives by. Such was my experience with the 2013 Camaro SS Convertible.

I can deal with a slow convertible top, the heavy clutch, the hulking silhouette. And, what's not to love about the 6.2-litre LS3 V8 engine making 426 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque? Except for maybe the 72-litre tank is taxed from the very moment you fire up the ignition. I manage just 15 L/100 km over 662 kilometers of normal everyday driving (all with the top down by the way), which isn't great but understandable I suppose.

I don't like the shift knob because the Hurst badge on either side of it has sharp edges that cut into my fingers on a few occasions. And, those darn doors are so big they may as well be barn doors. Entering and exiting the car can be tricky in even normal-size parking spaces and you will probably find your passenger having to get in and/or out before you can pull in to and after leaving a spot.

On the plus, this is a true American Muscle car in every respect (except for the fact it's built in Canada) from its performance to its design (and fuel conusmption). I really like the modern heads-up display, which projects important info onto the windshield so you never have to look too far away from the road. Every car should come with this feature.

Plus/Minus: 2013 Camaro SS Convertible Plus/Minus: 2013 Camaro SS Convertible Plus/Minus: 2013 Camaro SS Convertible Plus/Minus: 2013 Camaro SS Convertible

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