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Jaguar C-X17 breaks cover

jag pre-frankfurt c-x17

Frankfurters set to see debut of… a Jaguar SUV?

As you’ll soon see in an upcoming post of mine, Jaguar is burrowing itself into my mind faster than the animal by the same name tackles a tapir in the Brazilian rainforest. They are making some truly exciting cars over at Jaaaaag—punctuated most recently by the F-Type roadster—and it is off brand life support thanks to an injection of cash flow from its Indian benefactors at Tata, for the time being at least.

Yes, the loss of the production variant of the C-X75 supercar was disappointing, but consider this:

Even in this new-age of electric motors and self-driving cars, Jaaaag models retain the type of old-school charm you want from your luxury car, and the C-X75—which was originally to be turbine-poweredjust didn’t fit that mold.

Maybe staying away from the high-stakes hypercar world that’s sure to be dominated by the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 was the right move; that way, Jag can concentrate on what it does best—a real-world luxury motoring experience that’s never too far from the smell of high-quality leather and mahogany.

Plus, with the McLaren P1, there’ll be no shortage of British hyper-motoring.

The upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, however, will be an interesting one for Jag, and perhaps a troubling one for Jag purists like yours truly. Yes; they’ll be displaying the XJR and XFR-S—two cars we’ve all seen—but it’s this third model, this C-X17 that has me wary.

It’s hard to tell from the pic, but to me, that right there is an SUV silhouette, through and through. Oh, it could be a wagon, but Jag will also be displaying the XF Sportbrake (read: XF station wagon) in Germany and having two wagons on the stand doesn’t seem cricket, if you know what I mean.

Don’t do it, Jag—leave the trucks to Bentley and Land Rover. Please, continue to concentrate on exciting stuff like the XFR-S or F-Type V8S; better yet, build a sedan that does a proper job of recalling the Mark 2 than did the early-noughties S-Type.

Not to mention that Bentley will be unleashing the production version of their EXP 9 concept soon…

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