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The wonderful world of die-casts: Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger Drift Car

IMG 1430

The Dodge Challenger is well represented in the Hot Wheels universe; they were the first to market a die-cast model of the concept, and have since released numerous colour and tampo versions of both the current model and the original, as well as a handful of ‘Cudas that share a similar casting.

The one you’re looking at here, however, is special in that it’s based off of a real-world car—namely Sam Hübinette’s former Formula Drift steed.

IMG 1435The Dodge stripes on roof are a nice touch.


IMG 1431That’s a good amount of detail for a “mainline” car—sponsor decals are accurate. Notice the driver’s name above side windows.

The Challenger Drift car

Finished in white with some swirly silver and black tampos (vinyls in real-world speak), the 1:64 replica is almost a spitting image of The Crazy Swede’s racer, save for a few sponsorship decals that HW had to drop, probably thanks to licensing issues.

Hubinette vid screencap

They’ve done a bang-up job replacing them, however; the JE Pistons logo below the Mopar decal on the front fenders, for example, has been replaced with the Hot Wheels circle flame logo which is a cool touch. Otherwise, what you see on the HW car is accurate; the BF Goodrich logo above the front wheels and the Magnaflow sticker ahead of the front fenders are exactly where they belong, adding a nice touch of realism to the model.

The real kicker, however, are the chrome-lipped black wheels (just like those on the real car) and the driver’s name, inscribed in red just above the side windows; the car even gets number 77, which was Hübinette’s actual number throughout the ’11 season. That big rear wing—this particular version is the only Challenger I’ve seen with anything like it—is also awesome.

Yes, I would’ve liked to see some painted-on taillights or headlights, but touches like these tend to be reserved for special models like rare “Treasure Hunt” versions so I won’t hold it against HW; this is one cool casting and the paint that does exist is well done, with very few imperfections, as you can see from the photos.

Have a look at the vid, courtesy of Oversteer TV’s YouTube channel, to see the “Hot Wheels” Challenger Drift Car in action.

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