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Pit Notes: The Porsche 911- There is no Substitute

Pit Notes: The Porsche 911- There is no Substitute
I often feel that each issue of PRN Ignition is the best one we’ve ever done, because the content just keeps getting better.

Take this issue, for example. Within these pages you’ll find an outstanding piece covering the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911 (page 28) from both production and motorsport perspectives. I’ve often felt that the 911 comes as close to perfection as any car with respect to purity of purpose: it is a high-performance sports car and nothing else. It has been that way since it made its debut in 1963 and Porsche’s focus has never wavered. Whether you’re a 911 aficionado or just a looking for a great story, this article is a must-read.

Our 911 article dovetails nicely with a number of events commemorating the golden anniversary of this iconic car. In March, the “Retro Classics” automobile show at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart rang in the anniversary year with four special exhibits: an early-model 911 Turbo Coupé, a 911 Cabriolet study from 1981, a 1997 street version 911 GT1 and the pre-series Type 754 T7. This chassis by Ferdinand Porsche was a milestone on the way to the 911 design.

Beginning in June and running through September (June 4 – September 29), the Porsche Museum is celebrating “50 years of the Porsche 911” with a special exhibition featuring the history and development of the 911. The museum’s own publishing house, Edition Porsche-Museum, has also released an anniversary edition entitled “911x911.”

The company has also sent an authentic 1967 model 911 on a world tour. Over the course of the year, this vintage 911 will travel to five continents where it will be shown in places like Pebble Beach, Shanghai, Goodwood, Paris and Australia. As an ambassador for the Porsche brand, this vintage 911 will be in attendance at many international fairs, historical rallies and motor sport events. Fans and interested individuals can follow the car’s progress at www.porsche.com/follow-911.

In addition to paying tribute to the 911, we’ve gathered together several insightful reviews for our Driven section, beginning on page 56. On the menu in this issue we’ve got a couple of hot new 2014s – the Jaguar F-Type and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, both of which our contributors managed to get some quality track time with. Joining them is a fine selection of 2013s – the Aston Martin DB9, the Lexus RX350 F Sport, the Volvo S60 R Design along with a trio of BMWs.

On the motorsport side of things we delve into the rise of paying drivers (ride buyers, to be blunt) on Formula One (page 94) grid, an issue that concerns the leaders of the sport all the way up to the highest levels of the FIA. The IZOD IndyCar and American Le Mans Series seasons are now in full swing, and we’re stopping in to take a look at several drivers (including some prominent Canadians) making a splash in the young season beginning on page 86.
Put all these items together with our knowledgeable columnists and our comprehensive wheel and tire guide (page 44) and I’d say you’ve got a pretty compelling editorial issue of PRN Ignition assembled for your reading pleasure.

With all of this great content on offer this issue, it’s enough to make me wonder how we’ll manage to do even better next time around. I don’t have the answer to that one (yet), but I’m confident I’ll feel the same way then as I do now.

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