CIAS 2015: Top 5 Technology Vehicles

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This year's Auto Show was all about technological advancements. The race for fuel alternatives is an ongoing one, but the EV field looks to be a broad one in the near future. Here is our Top 5 for technology-focused cars that could be the next step in transportation. Some near, some far, but they're on their way!


Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept 

An approximate cost of $30,000 (after rebates) and a range of 320 km make Chevy’s new Bolt a surprise contender for a share of Tesla’s electric vehicle market. This stout little EV is a compact five-door model that boasts upgraded electric technologies from its Volt and Spark predecessors. Some comforting features include selectable driving modes and a better DC charging design to support fast charging. With the price tag and features, could this be your first electric car?


Hyundai Intrado Concept

Hyundai has enjoyed success when it comes to their popular crossover models, and as such, their Intrado concept make sense on a lot of levels. The subcompact crossover concept was designed in Europe with definite cues being taken from the 2015 Genesis. The body is shaped to be aerodynamic and promote less drag for efficiency purposes, which is fitting as its name refers to the underside of a wing. The Intrado also features Hyundai’s fuel cell technology, which should be coming to market very soon. It boasts a 595 km range. The Intrado could just take flight in the near future.


Kia Soul EV

The Soul isn’t a concept - it can be bought today! Kia’s EV offering is powered by a 27-kWh, 360-volt, 192-cell lithium-ion polymer battery that can get up to 149 km on a full charge. Improvements to the base model in durability and weight reduction and an improvement in energy density, while also making it very spacious must have all been factors in it’s AJAC category win of “Best New City Car”. A window sticker of just under $35,000 and an impressive accolade make it worthy competition in the EV race between manufacturers.

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Nissan BladeGlider Concept

Nissan created a lot of buzz when working on the DeltaWing racer for Le Mans and later making its own version, the ZERO RC. It seems that the inspiration has now trickled down the line to production vehicles with the introduction of the BladeGlider concept. The wide rear and narrow front give this wedge-like EV impressive aerodynamics, just like it’s older racer brothers. It seats three (driver in front, two passengers in the rear) and could be powered by a Leaf-inspired electric motor per wheel if it sees production. We hope it does; this looks like a blast!


Toyota i-ROAD

This single-occupant mish mash of a bike and car with the agility of an alpine skier is Toyota’s i-ROAD. The at 2,345 x 870 x 1,455 mm in size (L x W x H) and independently moving front wheels, which are synchronized to the driver’s steering inputs and leans according to the optimal cornering angle, makes it the ideal city commuter. As well as being comfortable and safe, the i-ROAD is also 100 per cent electric, so it makes zero emissions. Don’t be surprised if you see a couple of these zipping around your downtown or becoming part of a car-sharing program soon. 

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