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Racing Point F1 team to be renamed as 'Aston Martin' next year

Following Lawrence Stroll’s recent investment in the Aston Martin car company, the Racing Point F1 team (in which Stroll has a significant financial interest and for whom his son Lance is a driver) will change its name to “Aston Martin’ as of the start of the 2021 racing season.

Currently Aston Martin is a title sponsor with the Red Bull F1 team but that deal will terminate at the end of the 2020 season when the Racing Point team will be renamed as Aston Martin.

In 1959 the David Brown-owned Aston Martin concern made a foray into F1 racing with a front-engined car – a design which drew on the company’s sports car experience – but by this time the rear-engined revolution had begun with Cooper and the cars were uncompetitive. They ran only a few of the season’s F1 races and scored no points. The company entered two more F1 races in 1960, the final year of the 2.5-litre formula.


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