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Castrol Victoria Day Speedfest - Thursday

Thursday, May 16: Day 1

This is the first day of a four day weekend for many of these race teams and there is a lot of work to be done. The trucks must be parked in a specific place. The race cars must be unloaded. The equipment must be unloaded. The cars have to go through scrutineering to ensure they meet all the rules. The drivers go through a check to make sure their driving suits and helmets meet all the safety rules. Then the fun/work begins.

The cars are given a complete check from tires to spark plugs, lights to brakes to steering to seat belts. Every item on the car is checked, measured, adjusted, tuned and then double checked. Whatever type of car, it gets the same type of front to rear, top to bottom, inspection. It is better to find a problem, minor or major, in the paddock than on the track. In the paddock is a much easier repair than a possible breakdown on the track.

The variety of cars is massive, from near stock Nissan Micras to all-out race Bentleys, modified Hondas to custom X-Bows – and, of course, the NASCAR stock cars in the Pinty’s race. Each car fills a need for the driver and co-driver, as some cars have two drivers. The day is spent on track in different sessions, testing the car, changing the set-up or the tires or the driver. The cars are on track according to their class, engine size, driver experience. Practice after practice after practice, each class gets sessions of forty or more minutes, enough time to test the car and make adjustments.  Next up, qualifying Friday…

[NOTE: Specific information on the cars entered for this weekend was NOT available to the media when these photos were taken on Thursday.]

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