Fall 2012 Gear Guide

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Fall 2012 Gear Guide

PH3050B Air Hammer

A true classic has just gotten better. The Snap-on® Heavy Duty Air Hammer (PH3050B) now has the Quick Change Chuck Retainer (PH200D) installed on the tool for added convenience.

The features and benefits of the Snap-on Heavy Duty Air Hammer (PH3050B) are:

  • Dual elastomer cushions absorb shock and vibration to reduce user fatigue.
  • Phenolic (Kevlar® reinforced) flutter disc provides long life.
  • Direct multi-port front exhaust keeps air and debris away from user.
  • High-grade steel barrel provides greater strength than some competitor models.
  • Variable-speed soft-touch trigger provides featherability for greater control.
  • Four-position built-in air regulator varies power for different applications.
  • Air line screen helps prevent foreign particles from clogging trigger mechanism.
  • Hardened steel piston delivers harder blows for maximum impact.

For more info visit www.snapon.com/powertools.



Fall 2012 Gear Guide

3/8-inch Shallow Swivel Impact Socket

With its full 30-degree uninterrupted swivel action and Flank Drive® wrenching system, the new Snap-on® 3/8-inch Drive 12-point 3/8-inch Shallow Swivel Impact Socket (IPDF12A) makes removal of stubborn fasteners easier and faster, improving productivity and performance. Some of the features and benefits of Snap-on’s new 3/8-inch Drive 12-Point 3/8-inch Shallow Swivel Impact Socket (IPDF12A) include:

  • Laser-welded pivot pin giving it smooth, full 30-degree uninterrupted swivel action, which allows efficient power transfer prolonging the life of the socket.
  • 30-degree uninterrupted swivel action also means greater accessibility in tight quarters, allowing easier and faster removal of stubborn fasteners thus saving time.
  • Heat-treated to a lower hardness adds impact resistance and toughness allowing for a longer socket life.
  • Flank Drive wrenching system: the socket delivers up to 15% to 20% more turning power, which requires less use and abuse of your power tool and sockets.

The many applications for the Snap-on 3/8-inch Drive 12-Point 3/8-inch Shallow Swivel Impact Socket (IPDF12A) include: Ford® F550 truck drive shaft bolts, U-Joint bolts for GMC® trucks and MT 45 Freightliner drive shaft bolts.

For more info visit www.snapon.com/handtools.



Fall 2012 Gear Guide


Over 30 years of racing experience and cooperation with the most important supercar producers has allowed Sparco to develop the widest range of sport seats for everyday car enthusiasts. The ergonomic shape of the Sparco R505 seat will cradle you in your seat in high-G corners and generate higher levels of comfort during aggressive driving. The R505 features a Micrometric backrest adjustment, high resistance Jacquard fabric, three- or four-point harness compatibilityand homologated to ECE 17 European seat safety standards.

For more visit www.sparcousa.com or call (800) 224-7223 or (905) 822-7223 in Canada.



Fall 2012 Gear Guide

C85 Ethanol Racing Fuel

For racers using E85 fuel, VP’s new C85 race fuel is definitely worth a look. Conventional E85 fuels are corrosive and inconsistent with wide variations in ethanol content that pose constant tuning challenges. By contrast, C85 is blended with a consistent proportion of ethanol and other components in every drum, taking all the guesswork out of tuning. C85 also offers significant performance gains over conventional E85, including up to 4% more power and torque. It’s also superior in terms of cooling effect, detonation protection and it includes corrosion inhibitors to fight issues with ethanol. C85 will work well in drag racing, oval track, off-road and virtually any other automotive racing application. If racers have already invested in an E85 carburetor and the upgraded fuel system it requires, C85 is the most cost-effective choice for balancing performance, cost and extended engine life.

For more info visit www.vpracingfuels.com.



Fall 2012 Gear Guide
Yokohama Tire

AVID Ascend

The AVID Ascend features Yokohama’s Orange Oil technology, which is designed and developed through our motorsports involvement. This premium touring all-season tire delivers longer treadlife, better grip and a smaller carbon footprint. It has an industry-leading unlimited kilometre treadwear warranty. Available in 45 sizes ranging from 15- to 18-inch rim diameters.

For more info visit www.yokohama.ca.


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