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Tony Cotman Named 2012 Car Project Manager

In a move hailed by fans and the media alike, the IZOD IndyCar Series hired NZR Consulting’s Tony Cotman in mid-August to serve as project manager for the development of its 2012 car and its rules package.

Cotman will be responsible for leading the 2012 car project, including writing technical regulations for both engine and chassis, coordinating with suppliers and manufacturers and communicating with teams. He will work with the IZOD IndyCar Series’ technical and safety staff as well as outside engine and aerodynamic experts during the process.

“Now that we have unveiled our 2012 car strategy, we need to move swiftly to complete the rules package as we engage potential manufacturers and prepare our teams for the transition,” said Randy Bernard, chief executive officer, IZOD IndyCar Series said in a statement.

Cotman served as vice president of operations and race director for the Champ Car World Series from 2005-07, during which he oversaw the development and implementation of the series’ new cost-effective chassis. He directed the Atlantic Series chassis and engine programs from prototype to implementation.

Cotman was a member of the ICONIC Advisory Committee, which researched and recommended the future car and engine strategy to the IZOD IndyCar Series.

“I understand how important developing the right rules are in a timely manner for this process,” said Cotman. “Introduction of the new car and engine are not far off, and we have a lot of work to do. Having a strong team and committed chassis and engine partners will make my tasks that much easier.”

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