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Random ramblings from the second NASCAR weekend at le Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The Nationwide series race was NOT the first ever NASCAR sanctioned points race that ran in the rain. That honour goes to the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race this past June at Mosport. Those of us there todd_lewis_20_06_optwill verify the rain did fall, and the grooved tires were used. That settled, it was fantastic for Ron Fellows to get the win. A nicer guy you will never meet.

Montreal is an incredible city. There are plenty that will call it a Formula One town but walking the streets on Friday night the place was alive. There are plenty of race fans that don’t restrict themselves to F-1. Those out on the town were not just enjoying peripheral race activity but other music and street festivals as well. It is without a doubt one of the best places to visit anywhere, not just Canada.

Andrew Ranger winning the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series event in front of his hometown was wonderful to witness. He got bumped out of the way last year, but this time he took advantage of an opening on the last lap and scored the win. He will be moving up the NASCAR ladder soon.

Edmonton citizens you should also give yourselves a cheer. IndyCar teams reluctantly added your race to this years schedule when you agreed to push it back a week and start activities on Thursday. And let me tell you they were plenty impressed to see the turnout that afternoon. More than one participant said the first day crowd was bigger than many of the Sunday crowds at other IndyCar events. Well done, again.

New for IndyCar next year will be only a handful of races on US Network television and the rest moving to the Versus cable outlet (the same channel the NHL has taken a beating over for its switch from ESPN). Here’s the deal: ESPN has NASCAR back and they don’t want IndyCar unless it was on their terms. They want the Indy 500 on ABC, the rest are throwaways. That’s not the way to distribute your product. Yes the availability of Versus f1_optisn’t as wide as ESPN, but they are actually interested in producing the races and plenty of other complimentary programming. It was the right call, just as it was for the NHL. The biggest problem with Versus is that it’s not available in as many hotel rooms that grumpy writers stay in and they persist in complaining about that fact. How many sporting events do you got to a hotel room to watch?

Just when you think one contender in the Formula One championship is starting to take over a sudden twist occurs. We had several of them in one race at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Felippe Masse takes over the lead on lap one, Lewis Hamilton gets a flat tire and then Massa’s Ferrari blows up handing the win to Heiki Kovalainin. Can’t wait to see how it plays out down the stretch.

Does anyone care where Fernando Alonso will drive next year? Two seasons removed from his last title, he is quickly becoming irrelevant, and not just because he is driving the less than perfect Renault.

Can someone please explain to me how Max Mosley got out of his predicament?

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