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Concours of America 2018 Inn at St. Johns, Plymouth, Michigan

The Concours of America is a display of beautiful, artistic, historic cars from all over the world. Luxury names like Duesenberg, Ferrari, Hispano-Suiza, Chrysler, and Packard are spectacular to see but so are sporting names like MG, Fiat, Alfa-Romeo, Bugatti and Porsche. This year the Concours featured marques were Bugatti and Porsche. Porsche had a presentation with three former factory race drivers and a large display of race cars plus their vintage transporter. Bugatti pre-war cars on display came from private collectors and museums, both road cars and racers. Each car has its own piece of history and story to tell and looking at them, you can only imagine what it would have been like to drive them when they were new, so many dozens of years ago.
The Bugatti Royale was built in the 1930s to be the car of kings. Its heritage included many years and hundreds of road races with trophies too numerous to count. The Type 35B was an open race car with fenders that competed in Grand Prix events. The Type 35A was a detuned version of the 35B. Both have exquisite styling and competitive natures, both have hundreds of victories in their heritage. Both are stunning to see 90 years after they were made. The Type 57 cars were designed as luxury road cars but were also raced in Grand prix events.
Porsche cars have been raced since the beginning of the company. The number of races and cars is too many to list. Porsche showed several successful cars: 356, 550, 904, 908/3, 910, 911RSR, 917, 924, 934.5, RSK plus an Indy car. To see all these cars together reminds you of how vast the Porsche racing history is, how it covers so many classes around the world.

General Motors brought out several historic race cars and factory experimental cars including the 1956 SR-2 Corvette, CERV 1 and CERV 2, a Grand Sport, Astro 2, 1959 Corvette Stingray, all a big part of Corvette racing history. FYI … these cars do run as I watched them being driven from the transporters to the show field. GM also brought out Firebird I, II, III plus a show chassis.
These cars are part of our racing enjoyment and history and they contributed greatly to the Concours of America. On or off the show field, these cars are winners in our hearts.

Day 3 Concours 2018 021 1 1 resizeConcours d'Elegance of America, Plymouth, MI, July 29/18: Bugatti Royale

Day 3 Concours 2018 791 1 resizeConcours d'Elegance of America, Plymouth, MI, July 29/18: 1969 Porsche 917

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