The Next Step Episode 6

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1991 Spice Chevy Group C car
Owner / Driver: Benton Bryan

Car Prep by Hudson Historics

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Ever since I was a kid I have always been mesmerized by the big sports car prototypes, and I have always felt the glorious Group C era represents one of the highest points in the history of Le Mans. These machines live in the same performance stratosphere as F1 or Indy machinery. Quite simply some of the fastest vehicles ever made. It was nothing short of a pinch me moment when the owner of Hudson Historic Racing Team asked if I would do him a big favour and test the car, a 650+hp, 1700 pound, ground effects-laden machine that could swallow a small dog and a rear wing bigger than most dining room tables. Sitting in the cockpit bubble you can just see the tops of the two front fenders- and the scenery rushing towards you at obscene speed. The throttle pedal was pretty much a fast forward button and the grip level was something out of a video game.

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