The Ferrari 458 Speciale: The one with the Go Fast stripes

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Ferrari is a lot of things; they are classic and ultramodern at the same time, the stuff of dreams, considered high-art by 10-year-olds and 50-year-olds alike and for many, the standard-bearers of the entire automotive world.

Today, however, I’m asking myself: are they psychic, too?

Today, after spotting a white 458 Italia with black wheels two blocks from home I began wondering when we were going to see that version on the car; you know, the one cut from the same cloth as the 360 Challenge Stradale or 430 Scuderia, that is to say a Ferrari on a diet and with added power and technology to boot.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, no sooner had I gotten home after seeing that 458 today, did this video appear, courtesy of and the ferrariworld YouTube channel:

Not to mention it has more power than the 468 (605 hp), gets to 100 km/h in a claimed three seconds and has newly-developed active aero to help make this one of the slipperiest Ferrari road cars ever.

Good golly.

You have to wonder about Ferrari’s latest naming habits, though; a LaFerrari (THE Ferrari) followed by something called a “Speciale”? Seems a little—how you say--thin to me.

See for yourself when the Ferrari 458 Speciale gets revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10.

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